One of our favorite activities is traveling. Our traveling possibilities as a married couple with different home countries and regular jobs are unfortunately pretty restricted. The Philippines are for some years now our main vacation destination. The reason is simple. There are financial and job-related limitations and the desire of my filipino wife to see her family.

We usually travel light with the minimum of clothes and accessories. The Philippines isn’t the safest place on earth, that’s why you shouldn’t show off your wealth with an overfilling wallet, golden jewelry, branded clothes or an expensive camera set, especially if you travel to unknown places.

In the Philippines, you don’t really travel with high comfort, but cheap. The probability that you will get surprised by rainfall is high, as long as you travel the country during the wet season.

Olympus u though

Lumix FT4

I always liked the rugged and waterproof compact cameras. You can carry them anywhere without worrying about your expensive and sensitive camera equipment. My first rugged and waterproof camera was an “Olympus U Tough”. I made several underwater pictures with this camera. One day, I wanted to make a snapshot of a puffer fish and it stopped working. The hatch of the battery port wasn’t sealed tight and water was leaking through it. Maybe it was a hair or a dust particle, maybe even a sand corn from the beach. The hatch is a big disadvantage of such water-proof cameras since you need to open it every time you want to recharge or exchange the battery. Not a very clever solution. Switching the camera on took always plenty of time, so I missed a lot of good snapshots because of that.

My second rugged and waterproof camera was the “Panasonic Lumix TF4”. This camera is still alive but was never tested underwater for a longer period like my first waterproof camera. So far, I can’t complain about this camera.

Anyway, most of these rugged compact cameras have certain limitations. The picture quality is only average. The range of the optical zoom is limited. Picture during the twilight are mostly unusable.

Despite all the disadvantages, I still prefer to carry something handy and solid with me. This way you don’t miss too much opportunities of making a nice snapshot.

I hope you enjoy the gallery.

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