Our core team is formed by three people. They are listed in alphabetical order.


Nationality: Swiss
Mother tongue: swiss-german


I’ve been thinking about the future and how life will go on for some time now. I was blessed with being born in a rich and stable country. My parents worked hard to provide all the necessary and unnecessary things for me and my siblings, which a “modern” human being needs to have. We were raised in a big house, well fed, nicely dressed and able to get a good education. They told us, everything is achievable in life. Now, since I’m grown up, I realize, not everything is possible to me, and I find it hard to accept this. When I look at our living and working conditions, I get even more worried about my future.

The price for real estate rose countrywide (up to 350%). In my area, the change is even more within the last 30 years. The average income leveled only rose by 150%. This makes it for me nearly impossible to buy a house.

The industry I’m living off is getting weaker year by year. In our country, only highly specialized companies are able to stay alive in this globalized world.

Workers need to be more and more efficient, spending their own spare time and money for further education. At a certain age, the risk of not getting employed again rises quickly.

The goal of our government is clearly to force all family members to have a regular work on a 100% basis in other to be able to keep up the current standard of living.

I’m sure food is a key business and does have a future, especially the more exotic variety of fruits and nuts. We don’t know how to start a farm, but we will find it out by trial and error. Maybe someday, we can live off the returns from our small farm. That would be nice!


Nationality: Filipino
Mother tongue: visayan


I was born and raised in the Philippines. In Manila, I achieved my dream, to work in a bank. It isn’t easy to get such a job, especially for a female. It’s been a couple of years since I got married to Jan, who is a Swiss guy. Since I got to Switzerland, my life is very different from the one I had in the Philippines. I like my new life. The salary of one hour work in Switzerland is equivalent to one day of work in the Philippines. Furthermore, my husband is a good provider. Although there is more fun in the Philippines, right now I enjoy living in this new and different environment since I grew up in a remote area surrounded by coconut, banana and bushes.

My husband on the other side is dreaming of having a peaceful and tranquil life; where he can work the way he wants to, far away from this stressful and meaningless western lifestyle. It is clear, we have a different perspective, but I can understand him and that’s why I will support him all the way.

It is of course exciting to have our own family farm on a beautiful tropical island. That is another big challenge we try to handle, asides the challenges of the daily life here in Switzerland. Whether our efforts will pay off isn’t guaranteed and we don’t know if the income of the family farm will be big enough for us to go on.

Before I took the risk giving up my dream job to get married and settle in Switzerland. I do not regret this decision. For sure it is understandable that I’m hesitant to take the risk of giving up what we have here in Switzerland and to go back to the Philippines to work on our family farm.


Nationality: Filipino
Mother tongue: visayan


Hi there, i didn’t had the chance to write something down.