Our new single axis tractor

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We needed a multi-purpose tool for our farm. It has to be able to do the following things:

– Working in the soil
– Pulling heavy loads
– Transporting goods from A to B

With the right equipment, the Carabao can be used for all of those tasks. A Tractor is the alternative solution.

Most farmers still use Carabaos for the heavy tasks. A Carabao isn’t really cheaper than a single axis tractor and has some disadvantages. It’s an animal that can get hurt, sick and eventually old. It needs a lot of care and proper training.

Sandie can handle a Carabao, but he already has enough stuff to handle and need a tool that is always ready for work. We found a single axis tractor manufacturer near to our island. The company produces all the additional tools you probably need for your single axis tractor.

Walk behind tractor


Most farms are too small and cannot afford to invest money for something else than a single axis tractor. Anything bigger doesn’t make sense anyway. The tractor we bought is definitely good enough for the size of land we have to work.

The main frame has a 12 HP Chinese engine on the top. We have rubber wheels for normal fields and roads and paddle wheels for rice fields. We also have a Trailer that can handle some heavy loads. This multi purpose tool should last about 30 years and will hopefully help us to achieve our goals.

Thanks for your interests. We will post more news later on. Please feel free to add a comment.

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