Another year passed..

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Hey there! Naryl and I are working in Switzerland but we were able to visit our new farm again this year. We invited tatay and nanay to join us. We really had a good time, aside from some unfortunate incidents. I made a close encounter with the acid of a really hairy caterpillar. I never saw the caterpillars, but the itch was nasty. I also got sick afterwards. The diagnosis was pneumonia. Anyway, we have some older and newer farm members I would like to introduce.

Rose, Anding and Cd

Sandie with the family

Rose is the wife of sandie and – even if not enough recognized yet – the core of our farm. She is taking care of our manpower! Sandie has Two sons and they already started to take over some important tasks. Sandie can be very proud to have two such nice boys! Anding is the big brother of Cd. The native hut we built is already a bit small for that much manpower and we hope we can build soon a bigger and safer house for them.

Coco Crunch

Coco sleeping after an exhausting walk

Coco crunch is the third dog in charge. He is still very young and cute! he is messing around with every leg he can find, and it doesn’t matter if it is a human or a dog leg. The puppy looks well fed and shows no sign of any parasites.

Sandie found a kitten

Ming in the dark

This kitten somehow gets lost. There was no trace of its mother or any other siblings. The cat is now one of our farm pets – as long as the cat decides to stay. The health of our pets is very important to us and we treat the pets with the respect they deserve.

Thanks for your interests. We will post more news later on. Please feel free to add a comment.

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