I want to start a family farm!

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My plan is to build a family farm on a tropical island in the Philippines, but how to start a farm?

This is a question that leads certainly to many different answers. First of all a patch of agricultural land is needed. It is advisable to buy land if enough capital is available. Leasing is the next option if finances are limited.

In the Philippines, a foreigner cannot own land by law. Only citizen of the Philippines are entitled to own a property under certain restrictions. The property can be owned therefore only by my wife and the filipino family. These laws protect their country from land grabbing by big corporations or rich foreigners. I can understand the necessity of this law and I fully support it.

We are right now in the process of acquiring a small property in the Philippines, where we can start with our long-term project. The next bigger step will be the procurement of a single axis tractor.

During our project, we can hopefully give more answers to the question on how to start a farm.

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